Strong Drink and Two Dances

Strong Drink and Two Dances. What’s that about?

Good question. It’s about lives. It’s about second lives (which are mostly all Second Lives, rather than third, forth or fifth lives, for reasons that may become clearer later). It will likely be about cats and music and cooking and writing. It might occasionally be about the things that invoke the idea behind the name of this blog, so that probably means politics and the seemingly limitless ability of the human race to surprise and infuriate me. We shall wait and see. Some bits and pieces may migrate here from a previous blog, largely dormant for reasons which may yet become apparent, or make reference to other blogs I keep. You never know.

Oh, and the name? Well, that’s a rather obscure reference to a phrase that I seem to utter far too often these days. A phrase that expresses surprise, anger or disbelief, and is often reduced to a three letter abbreviation, in this case expressed in terms of the good old Nato Alphabet.

Strong Drink – in particular, one strongly associated with Scotland and Ireland and whose name derives from a Gaelic word meaning water of life.

Two dances – the first, famously associated with Argentina, the second, a smooth dance that was almost once called the bunny hug.

Put them together and you have it – whisky, tango, foxtrot. You can work out the rest.